How to take all the nutrients in the tea??


Drink All The Leaves.

“Shokucha ( Literally means, “Eating tea” in Japanese ) ” is a new way of drinking tea that involves drinking all the leaves as well.

Tea leaves contain so many nutrients such as catechins and vitamins.

However, the normal way of drinking tea, by infusing the tea leaves, does not actually provide all the nutrients.

A lot of valuable nutrients will be left in the remaining tea leaves.

So, why not make the tea leaves into powder and drink it?

You can put the powdered tea in a teacup and pour hot water over it to drink, or in the summer, you can leave a pitcher with powdered tea and water to make a very tasty water-drained tea.

In this way, you can consume the whole nutrition of the tea leaves very easily.

Also, there is no garbage.

You can also add tea powder to your dishes and snacks.

This is a new way to consume tea as a whole: “Shokucha”.

Wouldn’t you be worried if there are pesticides or other residues left on the tea leaves when you consume them whole?

So, look for the tea from a tea garden which grows tea in the remote mountains with clean air, water, and plenty of sunshine for at least more than5 years without using any pesticides, fertilizers, chemical compounds, or microorganisms.

Ogose tea garden in Shizuoka, Japan is one of those very safe tea gardens.

Let's spread the wonderfulness of tea and make the world a better place😉
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