February & March – A Year in Ogose Tear Garden, Japan


Mr. Ogose Haruo, the owner of the tea plantation, told me about the work he does at the Tea garden throughout the year.


Tea trees begin to grow roots in late February. By then, I amend the soil where the trees are not growing well or where the soil is hard. The roots of the tea tree will grow better if air and water are allowed to penetrate the soil. The better the tree roots grow, the better the tea leaves will grow.

Tea trees do not grow well where the topsoil is thin and there is bedrock underneath. Tea trees grow well in soil that is roughly 40 cm to 60 cm thick. In areas where there is hard bedrock under the soil, I sometimes drill holes in the soil to allow air and water to pass through. This will improve the growth of the tea leaves.


In the beginning of March, we do the “Harunarashi ( spring maintenance work )”, which is to shape the entire surface of the trees as the tea trees start to bud. In late March, weeds start to grow in the soil. We remove weeds with thorns and other unwanted weeds.

Tea harvesting begins in late April. Until then, we carefully observe the buds on the tea trees and take care of them accordingly.

Let's spread the wonderfulness of tea and make the world a better place😉
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