The Tea Of Ogose Tea Garden

Only Clean Air, Water, And Plenty Of Sunlight.

The tea of Ogose Farm has been grown by the owner of the tea farm, Haruo Ogose, for more than 15 years without using any pesticides, fertilizers, synthetic materials, or microorganisms.

This tea garden is located in the middle of a remote mountain in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Tea trees are grown only with clean air, water, and plenty of sunshine.

Normally, the buds are harvested four times a year from the tea tree, but at this tea farm, they harvest only the first tea in May and the fourth tea in October because they value the life force of the tea tree.

Drinking tea right next to a tea garden in the mountains is the best way to enjoy the taste of tea.
Let's spread the wonderfulness of tea and make the world a better place😉
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