Types Of Tea Trees


Mr. Ogose Haruo, the owner of the tea plantation, told me about the work he does at his tea garden.

I Grow Trees For Sencha , Koucha, And Hojicha.

The variety of Sencha( green tea ) is “Yabukita”. Koucha ( black tea ) varieties are Indigenous and Sayamakaori. They are easy to ferment. For Hojicha( roasted green tea ), I use both.

The variety of is harvested from tea buds that have not yet opened much and are still moist.

Hojicha( roasted green tea ) is the opposite of Sencha, and the buds are harvested when they are fully opened.

For Koucha ( black tea ), the buds are harvested when they are in a state between Sencha and Hojicha.

Let's spread the wonderfulness of tea and make the world a better place😉
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